Valley Mansion
594 Cranbrook Rd
Hunt Valley, MD 21030
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Information for our guests

The reception is scheduled to begin at 7pm with h'ordourves then dinner and dancing.

Due to the lateness of the event young children would most probably be happier at home with a sitter, but of course don't leave them home alone, bring them with you. Children can be very entertaining!! :-)

Driving directions

Give guests directions to the event.

Additional information

A dinner selection card will be included with your invitation.

Meal options are:

Strip Loin of Beef and Crabcake

Stuffed Breast of Hen and Crabcake

You will get to choose which you prefer.


On a side note: please know that 'seconds' are available when dining at Valley Mansion.

The bar will also be open the entire reception. It doesn't not close at the dinner hour.

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